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Dennis Balske

Publications and Articles

websitephoto_400_240Author, Representing Yourself in Oregon State Post-Conviction Proceedings – A Guide Toward Preserving Your Issues for Federal Habeas Corpus Review, Manual Distributed by Oregon Federal Public Defender (March 1, 2003; updated with co-author in 2006).

Author, How Can You Defend “Those Kinds of People?” Oregon State Bar Journal (April 1998).

Author, Capital Jury Selection in the Death Belt:  A Colorful Learning Experience, Multnomah Lawyer (May 1995).

Author, Exhaust Those State Remedies or Go Down in Flames, The Oregon Defense Attorney (December/January 1995).

Author, RETRIALS (Rethinking Every Tactic Results in a Life Sentence), The Champion (April 1990).

Editor-in-Chief, Federal Issues for Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers, quarterly publication of the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (1987).

Author, Prosecutorial Misconduct During Closing Argument:  The Arts of Knowing When and How to Object and of Avoiding the “Invited Response” Doctrine, 37 Mercer L. R. 1033 (Spring 1986).

Author, Help Wanted:  Lawyers Willing to Work Long Hours on Unpopular, Difficult Cases at Little or No Pay. – An Urgent Plea for Help from the Alabama State Bar, THE ALABAMA LAWYER, Vol. 47, No. 1, January 1986.

Author, Now You See It, Now You Don’t:  The Demise of the Witherspoon Test and Other Important Developments in Death-Penalty Defense, THE CHAMPION, Vol. IX, No. 3, April 1985.

Editor, POST CONVICTION REMEDIES IN CAPITAL CASES, A MANUAL, Death Penalty Task Force, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, May 1984.

Editor, Special Death Penalty Issue of THE CHAMPION, Vol. VIII, No. 2, March 1984.

Author, The Penalty-Phase Trial:  A Practical Guide, THE CHAMPION, Vol. VIII, No. 2, March 1984.

Author, Putting It All Together:  The Penalty-Phase Closing Argument, THE CHAMPION, Vol. VIII, No. 2, March 1984.

Co-author (with John L. Carroll), TRIAL OF THE PENALTY PHASE Manual, Death Penalty Project, Southern Poverty Law Center (1981; personally updated in 1983).

Editor, MOTIONS FOR CAPITAL CASES Manual, Southern Poverty Law Center (1981) (re-edited and updated, 1986).

Co-author (with Morris Dees), VOIR DIRE FOR CAPITAL CASES Manual, Death Penalty Project, Southern Poverty Law Center (1979; personally updated in 1983).

Author, New Strategies for the Defense of Capital Cases, 13 Akron L. Rev. 331 (1979).

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Law Office of Dennis N. Balske, Portland, Oregon (August 2003 – present).  Sole practitioner.  Constitutional law practice emphasizing state post-conviction and federal habeas corpus litigation. 


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